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Quality and Guarantees

With more than 8 years of experience on the field, the resistance of Body Boomers equipments and their protection by metalization has proven itself, as our sites installed on the seaside can particularly testify.

Our products are designed by our design department based near Paris, France, according to the relevant European norms and the needs of all users. For example, the footrests of our ADW Double Walker are located close to the ground in order to allow everyone, and the elderly in particular, to step onto them without any difficulties, while still respecting the minimal height of 11cm imposed by the French norm XP S52-904.


Body Boomers are made of metalized steel with powder-coated paint for an efficient protection against rust and an optimal holding of the paint.


The different steps are as follows :


1. SAND BLASTING : It is the preparation step

An abrasive product is blasted at high speed against the steel pieces in order to clean the surface. This process also produces a ruggedness which ensures an optimal grip of the metallic protection.


2. METALIZATION : It is the anti-corrosion treatment 

Metallization is a hot projection of a zinc and aluminium mixture ensuring anti-corrosion treatment on the steel. A gun projects melted zinc onto the steel which is instantaneously solidifies when making contact with the metal. This protective coating (high quality zinc (NF EN 22063) coating, at least 80 microns thick) protects more efficiently the metal against corrosion than other traditional processes like galvanization for example. Its rough finished state allows a better grip of the paint which is then applied by powder-coating.

3. POWDER-COATING : It is the completion phase 

The metalized pieces are powdered with paint before being cooked in an oven in compliance with the NF P24351 norm . Polymerisation is achieved through heating at 200°C. The paint obtained is very resistant, and this process gives the treated steel a clean and smooth aspect as well as an added layer of protection.




The quality of the products allows Body Boomers International to offer solid guarantees : 2-year warantee on the mobile parts, and a 10-year warantee on the chassis and the anti-corrosion protection.