When Body Boomers International was created in 2006, outdoor fitness equipment was a new phenomenon in France : therefore a new norm was needed to respond to their specific requirements (being neither an indoor equipment nor a children’s playground equipment). Body Boomers International has been involved since 2007 in the French official AFNOR commission led in 2009 to the XP S52-904 norm, regulating the outdoor fitness equipment market.


Body Boomers is involved in the work made on the future european norm PR EN 16630, and takes it into consideration when designing new products.


It is reminded that Body Boomers are intended for adults measuring over 1,40 meter (according to the French regulation XP S52-904 for outdoor fitness). 


Nota Bene :


Even if Body Boomers are not considered as children games, the manufacturing of our machines takes into account numerous recommendations found in the EN 1176 norm for children play areas, like the minimum gap required between two mobile pieces in order to avoid finger pinching.


These modifications were mainly carried out to reduce the risk of accidents when Body Boomers are used by children.