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Body Poney (APN) - Cardio Range

 BODY PONEY was designed to reinforce your abdominal belt


How to use it ?

Sitting on the BODY PONEYpull the handlebar towards you using your legs for help. Push hard on your legs to work your things intensely, or pull strongly on your arms to favor an upper body work-out. To intensify the exercise, place your feet on the high end of the feet support in order to promote abdominal work.


Muscles used :

The abdominals are mainly used to straighten up your back. Thanks to the complementary work of your quadriceps and hamstrings, you maintain your legs straight to get back up.

The biceps, triceps and deltoids are necessary for the traction movement of the handlebar towards your torso.


Depending on your rhythm and how much weight your apply on the feet support, you more or less call upon your legs.

 BODY PONEY favors :
reinforcement of abdominals and back
harmonious muscular work on your entire body
reinforcement of your thighs and rear
coordination of your upper and lower body