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Body Elleptical Bike (ABB) - Cardio Range

The BODY ELLIPTCIAL BIKE is particularly designed for a complete body workout. Developed to increase your cardio and endurance, prefer an extended use of it to obtain more satisfying results


How to use it ?

Sitting on the seat, use your legs to help you pull the handles towards you with your arms. Thanks to these alternative movements you make use of your entire body in action. Increase the rhythm of your pedaling to intensify the effort.


Muscles used :

The pulling of the handles activates mainly your bicep and tricep. By coordinating the movements of your arms and legs thanks to your abdominals, you work your thighs and particularly your quadriceps and hamstrings. The complementary work of your arms and legs accounts for a harmonious muscular activity of your entire body


Improvement of your cardio
Muscle-development of your entire body 
Complementary work with the cross fit range
Amplitude and coordination of movements
Flexibility of the hip, the knee and the ankle