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Body Double Hiker (ADW) - Cardio Range

 BODY DOUBLE HIKER is a machine specially designed for the relaxation of the legs and hips. By simulating a hiking motion without the pressure of the foot on the ground you perform a smooth exercise which favors relaxation of the body.


How to use it ?

Place your feet on both feet rests and grasp the handle in front of you. Balance your legs in a coordinated and controlled movement.


For an optimized work-out, relax your legs as much as possible. By doing so you promote muscular relaxation for a better stretching of your hip and leg muscles.

Muscles used:

Your hip-flexers control your balance. Thanks to your abdominal and back muscles (in the lombar region) you maintain a stable position of your chest necessary to the good coordination of your leg-torso. The swinging of your legs leads to a certain extent, to a localized effort on your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals to slow down the end of your movements.



Improvement of your cardio


Muscle-development of your entire body

Complementary work with the cross fit range

Amplitude and coordination of movements

Flexibility of the hip, the knee and the ankle