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Creating an environment accessible to everyone

Body Boomers are intended for everyone without exclusivity, encouraging togetherness, conviviality and relaxation while respecting differences.

Our machines have been created in a logic of Universal Design to be accessible by valid users as well as people with limited mobility, in order to avoid stigmatizing their handicap.  Many specialized establishment and special institutes have acknowledged this aspect of our materials and have installed Body Boomers devices.

Universal Design of new Body Boomers for people with limited mobility 


In order to keep innovating, particularly in the field of assisting disabled people, Body Boomers has established partnerships with specialists.

In 2012, Body Boomers International has conducted a study to develop new outdoor fitness equipment designed for people with limited mobility, in partnership with "Ecole des Arts et Métiers" (one of the top French Engineering Colleges) and "CEREMH" (French Resources and Innovation Center for Mobility and Handicap). These equipments are created in a logic of Universal Design.

This innovation program continues today, based on an extensive study of the needs of people with limited mobility.



Body Boomers also works with the UTC (Technologic University of Compiègne) and the Eastern Parisian University Hospitals of Rothschild, on designing and validating prototypes.