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Local Governments


·   Why equip your town ?

Equip your town in order to innovate, and make available to all your inhabitants an outdoor fitness space, free and fun to use for all, from teenagers to pensioners, from valid users to people with limited mobility.


These areas require little maintenance and represent a gain of time, money and peace of mind for town managers. We provide Body Boomers for large cities as well as smaller towns!

Ville de Puteaux, Hauts-de-Seine (92)

·    How to do it ?

We can help you define your needs and chose the option that best answers your situation. We can make photomontages to enable you to visualize our equipments on site. We will accompany you from the first steps of planning out your space and choosing the equipment, to the final delivery and installation.



Body Boomers will help your city to entertain everyone, from teenagers to grandparents!