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Helping to Maintain Senior Independance

For many seniors, executing movements and some everyday tasks can become increasingly difficult. In this way occurs slowly the loss of their independence.

This loss of autonomy has a direct impact on the elderly who become more dependent, and on their relatives and relations who often take them in charge. The loss of independence of seniors is a problem which concerns us all.


 Body Boomers, by encouraging senior physical activity in a soft, fun and friendly way, contributes to maintaining their autonomy longer. Loss of independence can indeed be accelerated by a lack of physical activity and movement

Biomecanical Study at the Rothschild Hospital in Paris (2011-2013)

To scientifically measure the benefits of Body Boomers on user health and as part of researching on caring for great age, 9 Body Boomers have been installed at the Rothschild Hospital in Paris. The first results are very encouraging  :

 - Generally, dynamic equilibrium and perception of health have been improved  : patients say that they can move more easily, have better moral and feel less pains.

 - Mood improvement has been perceived clearly : this training program, three times a week, was the only activity which had a fun aspect.

 - Completing the course generates only a low level of cardiac and metabolical stress, and is therefore adapted to an aged population. The pulse rate at exercise stays stable, despite a weekly intensification of the program, which demonstrates the physiological adaptation of the patients.

 The training sessions have put back in movement patients who were very out of condition and demonstrated the efficiency of the program in their care : all the nursing staff has noted the progress of these patients.