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Body Boomers


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Family-owned company based in France, Body Boomers International has already installed at over 700 locations with outdoor fitness equipment. 

At its beginning in 2006, Body Boomers International was the first company to embrace the outdoor fitness equipment concept and create these fun and intergenerational outdoor machines called Body Boomers®. It succeeded in conveying the message that outdoor fitness equipment fits completely in city planning strategies, both in terms of public health benefits and in terms of better social interaction.


·    Designing, Manufacturing, Distributing

  Usine Body Boomers

Body Boomers International controls the entire line of production of its products : design through an integrated design office in France, production, marketing, and after-sales services. This control over the production chain and eight years of experience in the field allow us to ensure the quality of our products, their reliability and their innovative character. We carefully select our suppliers and partners with whom we work on a long term basis.

To chose Body Boomers International is to chose quality


·    Social Responsability

Body Boomers develops its business in a logic of sustainable development, be it in its products, the way it operates or the choice of its partners.

Body Boomers materials respect the environment, starting with steel which is infinitely recyclable and which constitutes the backbone of the machines. The bearings are waterproof and require no addition of polluting oils. Rust protection is done via metallization which, contrary to hot-dip galvanizing processes, does not require potentially polluting zinc baths.


Finally, Body Boomers are outdoor fitness machines which require neither electric supply nor heating up of a room  : the only power needed is the one supplied by the user himself !