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Concept Origin

 A healthy mind in a healthy body !

The Body Boomers® concept of outdoor fitness comes from traditional Asian medicine and its wellness practices.


 Energy arts like Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tai Chi or Do In for example, are soft gym methods based on stretching exercices, synchronized movements, breathing management, but also meditation. People practicing these arts are looking for better general health but also for a more balanced and fulfilling personal life. These traditional Asian practices are developing in the Western world because they offer natural responses to the pressures and obligations of modern lifestyle, of stress and of its consequences on our health and quality of life. Moreover, they are democratic because they can be practiced by everyone and do not require specific material.


Body Boomers® fall in line with this search for both personal well-being and physical activity. Accessible to all and designed for all ages, these outdoor fitness machines appeal to as many people as possible thanks to the fact that they are fun and free to use. Body Boomers tie back to traditional popular Asian traditions of "morning gym" and enable us to combine physical development and search for well-being.


Adapted to our society and our time, these methods give to each and everyone the opportunity to practice both a physical and fun activity, and enable us to balance body and mind !